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Orpheum Theatre


The Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, is a historic performing arts venue located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Built in 1929, it’s a remarkable example of Spanish Baroque architecture with intricate murals and elaborate décor. Originally a vaudeville house, the Orpheum has been meticulously restored and now serves as a venue for a wide range of live performances, including Broadway shows, concerts, ballets, and operas.


The Orpheum Theatre is located at:

203 W Adams St,
Phoenix, AZ 85003,
United States


For more information about the Orpheum Theatre, upcoming events, and ticketing, you can visit the official website:

The Orpheum Theatre’s box office opens 2 hours prior to each show, and doors typically open 1 hour before the start of each event. However, it’s best to check the details of individual events for any variations to these times.

Things to do

1. Attend a Performance: The Orpheum Theatre hosts a variety of live performances, including Broadway touring shows, concerts, ballets, operas, and more.

2. Take a Tour: The theatre offers free public tours on select dates. These tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at the theatre, including its history, architecture, and restoration process.

3. Special Events: The theatre often hosts special events, such as film festivals, community gatherings, and educational programs.


The Orpheum Theatre was built in 1929 during the vaudeville era and was originally known as the Orpheum Vaudeville House. It was designed by Lescher & Mahoney, a prominent architectural firm in Arizona, and was built by the well-known theater impresario, Harry Nace.

During its early years, the theatre hosted a range of performances, including vaudeville acts, silent films, and talkies. However, with the decline of vaudeville and the rise of the movie industry, the theatre gradually transitioned to a movie house.

In the late 1980s, the City of Phoenix purchased the theatre and embarked on a 12-year, $14 million renovation project to restore the Orpheum to its former glory. Today, the Orpheum Theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Phoenix Point of Pride.


The Orpheum Theatre is a stunning example of Spanish Baroque architecture. The theatre’s design features intricate murals, gold leaf detailing, and ornate plasterwork, creating an atmosphere of opulence and grandeur. One of the most distinctive features of the theatre is its “night sky” ceiling, which uses lighting effects to create the illusion of twinkling stars and moving clouds.

The theatre has a seating capacity of 1,364, spread over several levels, including the orchestra, loge, mezzanine, and balcony. Despite the size, the design ensures good sightlines and acoustics throughout the theatre.

Performances and Events

Today, the Orpheum Theatre is home to a wide variety of performances, ranging from Broadway touring productions and concerts to ballets, operas, and community events. It’s also the home of the Phoenix Opera. The theatre’s diverse programming ensures that it continues to be a vital part of Phoenix’s cultural scene, offering something for everyone.


The Friends of the Orpheum Theatre, a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting and promoting the theatre, offer free public tours on select dates. These tours provide a fascinating insight into the theatre’s history, architectural design, and restoration process, making them a must-do for any visitor.

The Orpheum Theatre is more than just a venue for performances; it’s a testament to Phoenix’s rich cultural history and a monument to the city’s commitment to preserving its architectural heritage. Whether you’re a fan of the performing arts, a history buff, or an architecture enthusiast, the Orpheum Theatre has much to offer.

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